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A Hogulus.


Hobo 13 (Planet)


Greenish Gray



Notable Facts

His three pairs of eyes, very large teeth and looks like a giant ram.


The Hogulus is an alien creature presumably native to the desert world of Hobo 13, though it could have been transported from another planet for the military training course. This fierce creature has three pairs of eyes, very large teeth, and otherwise resembles a giant grey-green ram.

Only one Hogulus has appeared during the course of Invader Zim: In the episode "Hobo 13", as part of a military training course. When Invader Skoodge was punted into its lair, the Hogulus took chase; eventually, Skoodge escaped, but the creature later found him again, and carried him and Sergeant Hobo 678 away.

The creature was described as being "meat-thirsty," and will relentlessly hunt down any living prey, regardless of how small the prey is and how far it runs. It is possible that the Hogulus on Hobo 13 may be the only one, as it was referred to as "the" Hogulus, and no other members of its race have been seen.

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