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Name Hok
Species Irken
First Appearance Issue 23
Voice Actor(s) None

Hok was an Irken scientist who created the programming for the SIR Units. A digital version of him appears in the Invader Zim comic series.


Hok was apparently the Irken scientist who created the programming for the SIR Units. Beyond this, nothing is known about him, as the version that appears in the comics is a digital avatar.

In Issue 23, Zim enters a virtual interface reality of GIR's mind in order to free him from the control of the Virooz virus. After being attacked by several Virooz-affected programs, Zim is rescued by Hok, who reveals that he's actually GIR's error-correcting program, which was based on a brain-scan of the real Hok, which is why he looks like him.

Hok expresses extreme frustration with his existence in GIR's mind, as nothing in there works right, as he continually points out to Zim. He explains this is why he couldn't bring himself to act against Virooz, since Virooz actually functions as its meant to. However, an aggravated Zim forces him to reveal that he has an anti-virus program that can destroy Virooz, so the two set out to confront the virus at where it has settled itself on GIR's operational core.

Once inside the core, Hok leads Zim past GIR's operating system (a giant, rampaging version of GIR) and up to the top of the core, where Virooz is supposed to be based. However, when they reach the top, Virooz isn't there, causing a suspicious Zim to jump to the conclusion that Hok is Virooz. Despite Hok pointing out the flaws in Zim's argument for this, Zim tosses Hok down to the giant GIR, who eats him, presumably killing him in the process.

Facts of Doom

  • Hok is the first elderly Irken ever seen.
  • Hok's death is similar to that of Emperor Zim - Zim tosses them from a height into a hole, with them cursing Zim's stupidity on the way down.
  • While the virtual Hok was killed, it's unknown if the real Hok is alive and well on Irk or in the Massive.