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Horkus 6
Horkus surface.png
Name Horkus 6
Located On Outer Space
Known Residents Horkans
Star Donkey
First Appearance Issue 3

Horkus 6 is a planet that appears in Issue 3 of the Invader Zim comic series.


The Star Donkey's hoof prints on the back side of the planet.

Horkus 6 was home to the Horkans, until they summoned the Star Donkey, which kicked all life off of their planet, rendering them extinct. The planet is an arid desert, though it's unknown if it was like that originally, or if it was left that way as a result of the Star Donkey's actions.

At the start of Issue 3, Zim and GIR arrive on Horkus 6 searching for information on the Star Donkey. They find a Horkan temple, containing details on how to summon it, inspiring Zim to attempt to use it to destroy Earth.

However, Zim somehow fails to see the massive hoof prints left behind in the planet's surface by the Star Donkey, and therefore doesn't understand how attempts to use its power can backfire.