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Human Race





Varying shades of blue, brown, green, grey

Notable Facts

Bipedal, mammals, hair, nose, ears


Humans are a typically disregarded species of bipedal sapients living on the "dirt ball" called Earth.

In the Invader Zim universe, humans are technologically more advanced, but many are less intelligent than humans in real life.



An average human male

Humans (Homo sapiens) are a mammalian species originating from the planet Earth. They are closely related to monkeys - another, more primitive species indigenous to Earth.

The average adult human is about as tall as one of the Almighty Tallest, as seen by Zim's height in relation to the Irken leaders and to adult humans, but not as lean and much more muscular.

Humans are omnivorous, and will eat both plant-based and meat-based foods. Humans have a poor sense of hearing but a very developed sense of vision. Humans are able to see the entire visible spectrum of light, most notably the color red, which very few animals of Earth are able to distinguish.

However, human eyesight is prone to a variety of problems such as old age, blindness, far-sightedness or near-sightedness, but they compensate by wearing glass lenses that help their sight called "glasses", such as the one that Dib wears throughout the series.

Human Woman

An average human female.

Human eyes will zero in on motion, and are able to see well in both sunlight and moonlight, but not in water or fog. Although technically omnivores, humans possess many features of Earth's carnivores, such as eyes set in the front of head that will track motion, and four pointed canine teeth.

Humans are very adaptable, able to survive with only one kidney and lung (normally having two of each), and have been able to adapt to nearly every environment and situation.


Earth is home to a number of cultures and societies, all "vastly inferior to the Irken Empire". Each has its own views on just about everything there is to have a viewpoint about; this can be due in part to the fact that while humans are divided as a species, other races in the universe are not.

Facts of Doom[]

  • Some humans such as Keef and Moofy have three fingers instead of the standard four, this seems to suggest that in the Invader Zim universe some humans are born with this abnormality and don't find it out of the ordinary which would also explain why no one questioned Zim and Tak "missing" a finger in each hand.
  • Unlike humans in real life, humans in the Invader Zim universe are highly unintelligent with a few exceptions.
  • Humans are one of the few species unaware of the existence of extraterrestrial life in the IZ universe, they're also a species that it's not known to the majority of the galaxy.
  • There's a theory that suggest that because humans are seen quite negatively within the show it's because viewers are seeing everything through Zim's eyes.

Notable Humans[]