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Hunter Destroyer Machine.png
Name Hunter-Destroyer
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Offense
First Appearance Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy
Users Zim

The Hunter-Destroyer Machine is an Irken Military robot created by Zim that, as its title suggests, is designed to relentlessly hunt a target, and try to destroy it.


Sitting upon two dual tank-treads, the main body of the Hunter-Destroyer is composed of a relatively round torso, with a 'block' for a head and a single blue 'eye' or type of weapon.

To the sides are its two arms below two similarly blue lights, possibly eyes again or weapons, with the arms ending in two jointed claws, with no thumbs. Atop the shoulders of the machine are dual rocket pods, and on the right shoulder there is an additional unknown weapon.

Known Uses

Zim attempted to use this robot in "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy" as another plan to get rid of Dib - this time by killing him in the past via a temporal object replacement device. Zim planned to send the Hunter-Destroyer into the past to destroy Dib before he became a threat to his plans (which, like most of his plans, made little to no sense, as Zim could simply destroy him with this robot in the present just as easily).

However, this would create a time travel paradox, as GIR tried and failed to explain. He stated that if the mech destroyed Dib, then he would never have been Zim's enemy, so then the Irken wouldn't have had to send the mech to destroy Dib in the past, but Dib would be his enemy and the machine would be sent; GIR's head exploded shortly after, due to not comprehending what he just said.

Paradoxes aside, the robot eventually proved to be incompatible with the timeline anyway, and was ejected from the time vortex and into a wall, so GIR's toy rubber piggies had to be used instead.

Facts of Doom

  • Based on the time travel theme observed in this episode, it's reasonable to assume that the Hunter-Destroyer is a parody of the Hunter-Killer from the Terminator films
  • Though it has the colorations preferred by the Irken race, the Hunter Destroyer is more than likely engineered by the Vortians.
  • The Hunter-Destroyer could possibly be a foreshadowing for the MegaBoy 3000 as Dib used the fusion-powered titanium exoskeleton to relentlessly hunt down and try to kill Zim in revenge.
  • The Hunter-Destroyer is not seen in any other episode, and it's unknown what Zim did with it afterward.