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WuInquisitous the Observer is a character who appears in Issue 39 of the Invader Zim comic series.


Inquisitous the Observer is a member of the Inquisitorians, an alien race which observes other worlds and records what they see. He in particular is assigned to the sector of space including Earth, but hasn't visited it since some point in the past when humans were still building pyramids.

In order to update his information when he revisits in the present, Inquisitous dispatches his robotic "SON" (Sentient Observational eNvoy) to investigate the planet. The robot heads towards the most advanced technology it can detect, which happens to be Tak's Ship, which is in Dib's garage. It arrives there just in time to interrupt a fight between Dib and Zim, and is somehow destroyed in the process. Detecting this, Inquisitous abducts everyone in the area (Dib, Zim, GIR, and Gaz) and brings them to his ship so he can interrogate them and find who's responsible.

Inquisitous's SON (as he appears in Dib's memories)

Inquisitous places Zim and Dib in a Memory Visualizer, a machine that portrays the user's memories, so that he can determine what happened to his robot. Anticipating small differences in the memories due to personal biases, he is shocked that the scenarios in the memories are completely different, making it impossible to figure out which is true. To try and work around this problem, he puts Gaz in the Visualizer as well, only to discover that she wasn't paying attention to the fight at all, and therefore didn't see what happened.

Now desperate to find the truth, Inquisitous puts GIR in the Visualizer, ignoring Dib's warning that that isn't a good idea. To his horror, he discovers that GIR's mind is filled with random, nonsensical information that not only can he not sort through, but that begins to overload his computer systems. As Zim, Dib, and Gaz escape, Inquisitous stays behind in shock as the ship explodes around him.

Inquisitous is revealed to have survived the explosion, and is interrogated by his leaders about it. Not believing his recollection (believing it's his own personal bias at play), they bring in GIR and despite his warning place him in their Visualizer. This seemingly destroys their ship as well.

It is unknown if Inquisitous survived this explosion as well.

Facts of Doom

  • Inquisitous' relationship with his leaders appears to be similar to Zim's relationship with the Almighty Tallest, in that they act very dismissive of him but its not known if they actually hate him.
  • Similarly, his relationship with his SON can be compared to Zim's relationship with GIR, especially as he notes the supposedly advanced robot was personally given to him by his leaders.