Intestines of War is an old movie that GIR rented in "FBI Warning of Doom" and watched in "Germs".



As gigantic, brown insect-like aliens are attacking Earth, a group of scientists watch the carnage from the building where they have taken refuge. One scientist panics, asking what they are going to do. Another suggests that they evacuate all humans and "live among the stars". The other scientist says there isn't enough time for doing that. Suddenly, an old lady scientist clears her throat, then directs their attention toward a giant, cylindrical containment tank, containing one of the aliens within. As the scientist prepares to "make a demonstration," she extracts a pepper shaker from her pocket, prompting one of the younger scientists to incorrectly predict that she will destroy the captive beast with pepper. After staring disapprovingly at the other scientist, she inhales the pepper and sneezes into a pipe that leads into the alien's tube. The various nasal fluids splatter the monster, causing it to puff up until it explodes. The scientist concludes, "The aliens are allergic to germs!".


The last scene in Intestines of War.

In the movie's denouement, the Earth army marches out grandly to confront the alien armada, sniff up pepper and sneezed in unison all over the aliens, causing them to all swell up and explode, accompanied by happy, triumphant music plays Then, it says "Hooray for Earth" in red text on the screen and then revealed Zim and GIR had been watching it as a movie all along. Also, a "The End" screen shows up. GIR commented the Hooray for Earth by saying exactly what it says. Zim commented to GIR about that Earth is the enemy. Nothing else relevant to the movie is then seen in the episode.

FBI Warning of Doom

In this episode, only a single scene of the movie itself can be seen in the story: army members getting sustaining intestinal injuries. GIR rented this particular movie from the Video Outhouse in the episode, and watches it several times - despite it being twenty days overdue.


  • According to Zim, GIR has watched Intestines of War over one hundred times. However, he may just be exaggerating, considering the amount of times GIR has watched it.
  • Steve Ressel's name appears in the credits for the movie; a reversal of his name, "Ress Stevel", also appears directly above it.
  • According to the animatics, the cast list was different for some characters. In the Animatic, the General was played by Uri Thrah, the nurse by Jenny Talls, and the President by Ariel O'Lee. In the final product, the General was played by "Ress Stevel", (Steve Ressel's reverse name), the Nurse by "J. Duffi" and the President by "Hed Cheez"
  • This movie is strongly based upon War of the Worlds.