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Invader Dooky.svg
Homeworld Irk
Assignment Unknown planet
Rank Invader
Gender Male
Eye Color Light Brown/Amber
Affiliation(s) Irken Empire
Notable facts Dooky has a pair of circular brown eyes, which may be why his name is Dooky. He is quite plump, and is one of the few invaders to have spots on his PAK.

Invader Dooky is an Irken Invader. It is presumed that he is named after the oft-mentioned dookie.


Gir offering Invader Dooky a balloon.

Invader Dooky wears the normal Invader uniform, though his uniform has no stripes on it. His pants are pink with no stripes, instead of black.

However, his most unique features are his eyes; possibly the most radical deviation from the normal Irken eye color, Dooky's eyes are a light brown/amber in pigment, possibly serving as the basis for his name.

His only known appearance is in the virtual reality scene in the episode "Door to Door" where GIR is offering him a balloon.