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Invader Lardnar.svg
Homeworld Irk
Assignment Unknown
Rank Invader
Gender Male
Eye Color Ruby
Weapons PAK lasers
Equipment PAK
Affiliation(s) Irken Empire
Notable facts Uniform has no stripes, has an unusually-shaped head.
First appearance The Nightmare Begins

Not to be confused with Captain Lard Nar, a Vortian who leads The Resisty.

Invader Lardnar was seen arriving on Conventia right before the beginning of The Great Assigning. His head is a somewhat unusual shape for an Irken. He has spots on his PAK, but no stripes on his uniform.

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Facts of Doom

  • Since the background Irken character Invader Lardnar was likely created and named before the Vortian Captain Lard Nar made his debut, it is unknown why Jhonen Vasquez decided to give them both the same name (albeit using a different way of spelling it for the Vortian character, likely to distinguish the two).
  • In a similar case to the Meekrob and Larb, both Invader Lardnar and Vortian Captain Lard Nar's names are taken from a Thai dish: a stir-fried wide rice noodle dish with meat and vegetables.