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Invader Spleen.svg
Homeworld Irk
Assignment Unknown
Rank Invader
Gender Male
Eye Color Pink
Weapons PAK lasers
Equipment PAK
Affiliation(s) Irken Empire
Notable facts Enormous Head With Band-Aid On It
First appearance The Nightmare Begins
Voice Actor(s) None

Invader Spleen, seen in "The Nightmare Begins", was the second Invader called forth in Operation Impending Doom II's Great Assigning to get an enemy planet, where he impressed the Tallest with his height (though his body is quite short, and his tallness is only a result of his oversized forehead).

In the episode "Hobo 13" , Spleen was seen again sitting at the table nearest Almighty Tallest Purple, but was only seen in background shots.

The planet that Spleen was assigned to is unknown, as is if he has already finished his mission.

Much like Invader Chin, Spleen is named after a human body part.


Invader Spleen has a small body, but an extremely and humorously large and tall head to make up for it. How his tiny body supports the weight of his enlarged head is unknown as in real life such a thing would be impossible. Like his body, Invader Spleen's PAK is unusually small.

Spleen is the only Irken seen to have a band-aid, across his oversized forehead, but it is unknown how he acquired the injury.

He is one of the very few Irkens to have pink eyes and not ruby.

Facts of Doom

  • Invader Spleen has a bigger head than Dib, however he's never seen being mocked for it, most likely because it adds to his height which the Tallest found quite impressive.
  • Interestingly Invader Spleen has a head shaped similarly to the Martians.
  • The fact that he has an unusually large head may imply he's quite smart.

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