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Invader Stink.jpg
Homeworld Irk
Assignment Unknown planet
Rank Invader
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Weapons PAK lasers
Equipment PAK
Affiliation(s) Irken Empire
Notable facts Stink is seen in the episode "Planet Jackers", relaxing with his SIR Unit atop a building near a large Irken flag in the midst of a burning alien city.
First appearance Planet Jackers

Invader Stink is one of the many Irken Invaders who were assigned to the task of infiltrating enemy planets during Operation Impending Doom II

The name of Stink's assigned planet is unknown, but it is assumed that he has conquered it; in the episode "Planet Jackers", when Zim is observing Stink's progress via his high-powered telescope, Zim sees his fellow Invader taking a breather atop of an alien structure, as the rest of the alien city burned. 

Stink is later seen in "Battle of the Planets", among the Planetary Conversion Team above Blorch, probably taking a break to see the first victory in Operation Impending Doom II. He gasps, along with the crowd, when it is revealed that Skoodge was the first conqueror in the Irkens plan for galactic conquest. 

His final appearance in the show was a brief cameo in "Hobo 13" along with his peers and the Tallest as they watch Zim's training on the desert planet hoping he would die. 


The tips of his antennae point forwards instead of backwards like most male Irkens, and he is one of multiple invaders without stripes on his uniform.  

Facts of Doom

  • In the Latin American version of the show, this Invader’s name is "Olor" which translates to "Smell", the reason as to why that may be because if they went with the proper translation, he would be named "Apestoso" which is kind of long of a name.

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