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Invader Zim Issue
Issue 10
Zim 10.jpg
Previous: Issue 9
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Publisher: Oni Press
Publication date: June 1, 2016 (print)
June 8, 2016 (digital)
Story by: Dennis Hopeless
Jessie Hopeless
Art by: Dave Crosland
Color by: Warren Wucinich

 Official Summary

After witnessing a shameless and pathetic human ritual known as “Show and Tell,” ZIM is determined to SHOW the biggest TELL of them all! And of course, Dib is going to have to keep this TELL from SHOWING the whole school its powers of SHOWING AND TELLING![1]


Issue 10 was released on June 8, 2016


Issue #10 has a total of 2 cover variations. 

  1. Dave Crosland standard retail cover 
  2. Louie Del Carman variant cover 

Characters in Issue #10 (In Order of Appearance)


SPOILER WARNING OF DOOM: This section or article may contain spoilers!

Davey Gutzmann wins the talent show, inspiring ZIM's new plan

The Skool hosts a talent show, reluctantly judged by Ms. Bitters. Zim is in the audience, complaining all the while about the stupidity and annoyance of all the acts, finding it all a waste of time. A 2nd grader named Davey Gutzmann eventually wins the talent show with his pet snake, Commander Squeezers, which especially annoys Zim, as having a pet is not a talent. However, seeing how all the other Skoolchildren fawn over the snake, Zim realizes he can use his own pet to win them over.

ZIM and GIR prepare themselves to hunt the ferocious beast

Dib, having overheard Zim's plan, later stakes out his base to try and see what he's up to, accompanied by Gaz (who he had to bribe into coming). Inside the base, Zim explains to GIR how he intends to travel to Planet Sylvestra and capture a Snarl Beast, one of the most feared creatures in the universe, in order to impress and dominate the skoolchildren with it. As Zim's house opens up to allow the Voot Runner to take off, Dib jumps on top of it, while a disinterested Gaz wanders off.

Dib returns to earth with an unexpected surprise

Trapped atop the Voot as it flies into space, Dib is saved by the ship's automatic space-walking protocol, which places him in a spacesuit attached to the ship by an air tube (Zim doesn't notice, as he's been distracted by all the sandwiches GIR brought along for the trip). Soon after, they arrive on Sylvestra, and while Zim and GIR are preparing for the hunt, Dib explores the planet, and encounters a six-legged space cat, which takes a liking to him.

Zim, safely staying with GIR on a hunting sofa, transforms the Voot into a robot, which begins hunting for the Snarl Beast, dragging an unwitting Dib along with it and seemingly scaring off the space cat. Soon after, the Snarl Beast appears and begins fighting the Voot robot. Eventually, the fight ends with the Snarl Beast swallowing Dib whole, while Zim manages to capture it in a pod, which he drags back to Earth.

Back at skool, Zim gains the attention of all the students, and then presents the Snarl Beast. To his confusion, all that's inside the pod are a shocked Dib and the space cat, which the children begin fawning over. Disgusted at having wasted his time, Zim leaves to come up with another plan. Meanwhile, a nervous Dib announces that the creature with him is not a cat; it is actually the Snarl Beast, which transforms into its giant form and roars at the children as the issue ends.

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Facts of Doom

  • When Zim departs his base in the Voot, his entire house unfolds to allow it fly out of the base. This is unusual, as every other time Zim flies from his base, it's only the roof which opens.
  • At one point, GIR complains about not having bones, before clarifying that he does, but they're not his. In Issue 43, when the Plim mention that they don't have bones, GIR cheerfully states that he does and takes some out of his chest.
  • When he arrives on Sylvestra, Dib states how exciting it is to be "Space Dib", a name he applied to himself when confronting Zim in space during the climax of Issue 2.
  • The variant cover is the first and so far only time that Invader Skoodge has appeared in the comics, due to Nickelodeon withholding the rights to the character.
  • Some other ideas for acts in the skool talent show include: a creepy sparkle-motion dance routine, a kid playing a recorder with his nose, and someone playing an instrument behind their back.[2]
    • Dennis Hopeless, who actually played "Jailhouse Rock" on guitar behind his back at a talent show, did not appreciate the last idea.