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20px-Cquote1.png Now the entire town thinks you're dead! Which means your carefully crafted dog cover identity is now as useless as you are!

Invader Zim Issue
Issue 38
Zim 38 a
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Publisher: Oni Press
Publication date: January 2, 2019
Story by: Sam Logan
Art by: Maddie C
Color by: Fred C. Stresing

Official Summary[]

ZIM's latest insidious plan for world domination has dire consequences for GIR, and now everyone thinks the poor dog is dead. Not only that, they seem to think he's some kind of... hero? Which is definitely a word that ZIM has never heard before.[1]


Issue 38 was released on January 2, 2019.


Issue #38 has a total of 2 cover variations. 

  1. Warren Wucinich with Fred C. Stresing standard retail cover
  2. Maddie C. with Fred C. Stresing variant cover

Characters in Issue #38 (In Order of Appearance)[]


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Gir the hero

The hero dog saves Poonchy's life.

Ms. Bitters oversees the inaugural performance of the Skool's new outdoor theatre program. Specifically, it's a musical about the newest product from the Tel-Con phone company, which provided funding for the theatre in exchange for being allowed to build a massive cell phone tower on skool property.

While the play is going on, Zim, with Minimoose's help, is attempting to install a signal harvester on the cell tower in order to hijack control of all phones. Dib, having overheard Zim talking about this plan, manages to catch up to him atop the tower, thanks to GIR being too distracted by watching the play to stop him. Zim and Dib fight, causing part of the tower to fall off. It almost hits Poonchy, only for GIR to move him out of the way to retrieve a dropped doughnut, causing him to be crushed instead, knocking his head off.

Real not fake dib exposes zim

GIR becomes a little too good at imitating Dib.

The play's cast and audience, not realizing that GIR is a robot, think that he's died heroically saving Poonchy's life. Despite Zim's attempt to convince everyone to forget about it and move on, GIR is soon memorialized as a dead hero, meaning that he can no longer appear in public in his dog costume. Zim attempts to make GIR a new disguise, but gives up after a few tries and tells GIR to make one himself.

The next day at skool, Zim is shocked to discover that GIR's choice of new disguise is to dress up like Dib. And to Dib's dismay, all the other Skoolchildren are completely fooled by the impersonation, to the point that they become convinced the real Dib is a clone and chase him into the woods. Zim realizes that as long as GIR is impersonating Dib, Dib can't interfere with his plan, so tells GIR to continue doing so.

GIR goes to Dib's house, where Gaz immediately sees through his disguise. Reluctantly, she decides to help the real Dib out by telling GIR that if he's pretending to be Dib, he has to try and convince people that Zim is an alien. Once back at skool the next day, he begins doing so, quickly making many of the students suspicious. Zim reminds GIR that he's only supposed to be pretending to be Dib, not actually trying to expose Zim, but GIR only becomes more determined. When Zim comes back the next day, GIR is now handing out posters and flyers explaining why Zim must be an alien, which are convincing a lot of students.

Dib complains about bein in the woods even tho he probably goes to the woods a lot to hunt bigfeets

Dib is accustomed to life in the woods.

Now desperate to complete his plan despite GIR being out of control, Zim takes advantage of everyone watching the skool play about "the hero dog" to once again try and implant the signal harvester into the cell tower.

However, he finds GIR, who is now completely convinced that he's Dib, waiting for him atop the tower. GIR starts chasing Zim with a net, eventually causing the two to fall off the tower, shocking everyone as "Dib's" head cushions Zim's fall and saves him, right before the harvester falls on the head portion of the Dib costume.

A short time later, Dib is now the one recognized as a dead hero, with everyone now forgetting about GIR, allowing him to go back to his dog costume. This also allows the real Dib to return from the woods, only for everyone to think he's a zombie and chase him back in. This causes Zim to reluctantly admit GIR did a good job.

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Facts of Doom []

  • Recap Kid apparently keeps all previous issues of the comic series in a briefcase that they carry around sometimes (but not all the time, which is why it's never been shown before).
  • Ironically, GIR does a better job of convincing everyone that Zim is an alien than the real Dib ever has.
  • GIR briefly wears his Dib costume again in Issue 42, during one of Zim's commercial ads to the Plim on why they should vote for him instead of Dib.
  • One of the new disguises that Zim gets GIR to wear is a mongoose, which is the animal that GIR originally wanted to be in "The Nightmare Begins". Ironically, he seems to dislike it.
  • While brief, this marks the first time in the series Zim and Keef directly interact with each other since "Bestest Friend", not counting "Return of Keef" (as that episode was never produced).