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20px-Cquote1.png That's right, Zims. All this time, your supreme leader... your "Ultimate Zim"... was actually the Ultimate Dib!

Invader Zim Issue
Issue 49
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Previous: Issue 48
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Publisher: Oni Press
Publication date: February 19, 2020
Story by: Sam Logan
Art by: Maddie C
Color by: Fred Stresing

Official Summary[]

Part four of the Battle Void arc! The final issue! The big cheese! ZIM and Dib come face-to-face with the face of the leader of the horrible planet they’ve been trapped on for the last three issues. Oh wait, only Dib thinks it’s horrible. ZIM likes it just fine! Especially if he can overthrow the leader and take over. ZIM could really turn this planet around, you know? Make it even more horrible than it already is. But the leader isn’t giving up his title so easily. And ZIM won’t find it so easy to… take… his title… Eh, just read the issue, okay?


Issue 49 was released on February 19, 2020.


Issue #49 has a total of 2 cover variations.

  1. Maddie C Standard retail cover
  2. Marie Enger Variant Cover

Characters in Issue #49 (In Order of Appearance)[]


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Zib smugly explains himself

Following the events of last issue, Zim Number 1 (who turned out to actually be a Dib, whom GIR quickly dubs "Zib"), explains to his captives about the situation: in his timeline, he was not only actually able to defeat his Zim, but also used reverse engineering on Irken technology in order to perfect his ultimate weapon: an eletromagnetic pulse weapon that could destroy said technology. He used this weapon to wipe out the entirety of the Irken race on his timeline, much to our Dib's joy.

However, once he discovered the powers of Pandora's Quadrangle and its dimensional nexus, Zib had the idea of using his weapon in order to erradicate all Irkens from every timeline in the multiverse. First, he sent the distress signal in order to summon every Zim from every dimension, then he made them fight in order to single out the most dangerous ones (and also because he found it funny), and then recruited the top 100 Zims to train them into becomming obedient soldiers, which brings to the final part of his plan: reprogramming. By fusing with an Irken PAK, he learned how to recode the Zims in order to make them release a virus that will destroy every Irken from their respective timelines.

Once finishing explaining his plan, Zib wonders how our Dib ended up on the Zimvoid, since the distress signal had a secret message telling the Dibs not to follow it, but soon discovers that it's because he thinks our Zim is much worse than the other ones, thanks to his one divergence: he almost choked on styrofoam packing peanuts, mistaking them for popcorn. Palindrome and 2K call him out for having such a pathetic divergence. Zib then orders Zim Number 2, who is under his control, to take the three Zims and GIR to the dungeon until he can find some use for them.

Zib then states that, since our Dib made it into the Zimvoid, his timeline will be the first one to have the Irken Armada infected by the virus, but once Dib asks what his part on the plan is, Zib assigns him to mopping, believing that he's too incompetent to help with the plan. Offended by Zib's ungratefulness, Dib wishes to know how he defeated his Zim, and while mopping, stumbles across a voice-activated computer that will give him that information. However, he's horrified by what he finds.

In their dungeon cell, 2K and Palindrome try to formulate an escape plan, while Zim has a mental breakdown over being called "the worst Zim". Eventually, Dib comes by their cell and tells them what he found out on the computer: the Zimvoid is actually Zib's home timeline, and everything was detroyed saved for his castle and weaponry, which he finds suspicious. Dib reluctantly recruits 2K and Palindrome to round up the Zim Resistance again, while Zim and GIR stay in the cell, refusing to work with their mortal enemy. Once Dib and the other Zims leave, our Zim tells GIR that he thinks that Zib is the one really responsible for the other Zims' defectiveness, so they settle out to fix things themselves.

Meanwhile, in the home dimension of our Zim and Dib, Number 2 manages to infiltrate the Massive and tricks the Almighty Tallest into accepting rare snacks, but as soon as they accept them, he sprouts the legs on his PAK and hacks the PAKs of everyone in the ship, including the Tallests, who now unwillingly pledge their loyalty to Zib.

Back in the Zimvoid, Zib is happy with his plan's progress, only for Dib almost sneak in and try to put a stop on his plans. Confronting Zib with the fact that the Zimvoid is actually his own timeline, Zib admits that even defeating his Zim didn't earn him respect, so he set out to take over the world and destroy the Armada with its resources, only for something to go wrong and unleash an energy wave that destroyed everything in his universe except for him.

Our Dib is horrified to learn all of this, but Zib brushes off his concerns that he might repeat the process with other universes, since there's an infinite number of them. Before he can proceed, however, he's attacked by the Resistance, using the upgraded Voots he was going to give his brainwashed Zims. He then fights back by turning his throne into a giant mech shaped like himself.

Meanwhile, our Zim studies Zib's weapon and hijacks it for his own ends. As Zib is gloating over the fact that he's beating the Zims, he suddenly realizes his control of the Armada is failing; aboard the Massive, Number 2 suddenly dissolves into goo. Freed from Zib's control and confused by everything that's happened, the Tallest order everyone to forget what just happened.

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Zib is trapped alone in the void.

Back in the Zimvoid, all the other Zims likewise start dissolving and being sucked back into their own timelines. Our Zim then reveals he used the weapon and portals to send GIR through time to make all the other Zims eat packing peanuts too, thus removing the differences between them and merging their timelines. Despite Dib stating that's not how it works, this causes everyone to be sent back to their own universes, leaving Zib trapped alone in the void.

Back in their own reality, Zim and Dib are deposited back in the ocean surrounding Pandora's Quadrangle with their ships. Zim declares that this proves him to be the ultimate Zim, while Dib decides that that in turn makes him the greatest Dib.

The issue then ends with the two of them laughing at their victories.

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Facts of Doom[]

  • This is the sixth multi-part story in the comic series, the previous ones being Issues 1-222-2529-3034-35, and 42-43.
  • The panel where our Zim is shown choking on styrofoam peanuts appears to be from the ending of Issue 33, judging by the appearance of a box containing Mr. Wiener Face in the corner.
  • Zib uses a Memory Visualizer to determine the differences between the various Zims' universes.
  • In Issue 40, which coincidentally also had the subject of the multiverse, there was a heroic version of Zim, while in this issue Zib, who considered himself the "ultimate Dib", is a villain, though he doesn't see himself as such.
  • Zib was capable of (accidentally) destroying an entire universe, something Zim has never done; the closest he ever achieved was in Issue 4 where he accidentally destroyed half the universe.
  • GIR brought up that Zim has teamed up with Dib a few times and has control over time previously, which Zim dismisses as having ever happened.