Tak on Planet Dirt (Tak, The Hideous New Girl)

Tak as a janitor.

Janitorial drones are in charge of cleaning, whether on a small or large scale. Generally, large-scale cleaning operations require an entire squad; Tak was placed with such a squad when she was sent to Planet Dirt by a Control Brain.

This happened after Zim caused a blackout, unwittingly trapping Tak inside her assessment room. She is the only mentioned janitorial drone in the whole series of Invader Zim.

The job is apparently identical to Earth janitorial jobs, although it is unknown if the Irken laborers are either hired and payed for their services or forced to work on whatever planet they are stationed in with no pay.

Standard Gear

  • Cleaning Equipment:
    • Mop
    • Bucket

Facts of Doom

  • Interestingly, despite the fact that the Irkens have made robots (as seen with the SIR Units), they don't use them for the task of menial jobs like janitorial service. This would imply that being a janitorial drone, like a Fast Food Drone, is meant to serve as a punishment for misbehaving Irkens.

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