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Li'l Meat Man
Name Li'l Meat Man
Type Human Society
Use(s) Food
First Appearance Issue 45
Users Zim

Li'l Meat Man is the name given to an artificial baby that Zim makes from meat and subsequently becomes enamored with in Issue 45 of the comic series.


When Ms. Bitters' class is given the "baby assignment", of treating an inanimate object like a baby and caring for it, Zim is caught unprepared. As such, he quickly has GIR create a "baby" for him, molding it out of meat in Zim's image.

Dubbing this creation "Li'l Meat Man", Zim quickly comes to care for the meat wad as if it really were his child.

Zim is unwilling to let go of Li'l Meat Man.

However, to Zim's horror, when the assignment ends, Ms. Bitters orders the Skoolchildren to destroy their "babies". Unwilling to do this, Zim flees the Skool, steals a car from Deelishus Weenie, and goes on a road trip to show Li'l Meat Man the world, while being pursued by the FBI, who have misinterpreted the situation as a kidnapping.

After spending some time on the road, Zim is attacked at a diner by some men in chicken suits; not liking meat people, they attack Li'l Meat Man, damaging it. Enraged, Zim blasts them and then flees, intending to take Li'l Meat Man to the beach to show it the ocean. Evading the FBI, he does so, only to bump into a man doing the same thing with a boy made of bread.

Forced to acknowledge the fact that Li'l Meat Man really is just a wad of meat, Zim loses all interest in it, not even caring when it's subsequently eaten by a dolphin, and then going home.