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Lice Queen
The Lice Queen.png
Name Lice Queen
Species Insect
Gender Female
First Appearance Lice

The Lice Queen is a massive, monstrous louse which Countess von Verminstrasser believes is the source of all lice on Earth. She eventually tracks it down after it causes an outbreak at the Skool, and destroys it with a firearm that weaponizes Zim's skin, which is apparently toxic to lice. It makes its only appearance in "Lice".


The Lice Queen is a gigantic insect with six legs, red eyes, and mandibles. It initially looks very bloated, however this is just because of the egg sac containing its offspring. It is actually able to detach from it, and move swiftly.

Facts of Doom

The Lice Queen in its nest.

  • The Lice Queen is one of the two animals Zim has fought against in order to save the Earth. The first one was Peepi in "Hamstergeddon."
  • The Lice Queen's weakness is Irken skin.
  • Gretchen's braces are apparently impervious to her attacks.
  • The concept of the Lice Queen appears to be based on the Xenomorph Queens from the Alien movie franchise.
  • Interestingly, in Issue 15 the students theorize that Ms. Bitters is some kind of bug queen and had millions of followers. If this is true, then the Lice Queen could've been an ally of hers.