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Little Timmy was an Irken Smeet that was taken to a dungeon for knowing "too much" in the cancelled episode "The Trial".


In the episode he would have asked the Tallest about PAKs, who would have explained to him that PAKs hold all of an Irken's important data (including personality information, memories, and high scores), and that a defective Irken is one whose PAK contains a large amount of corrupted data, and that these individuals must be deactivated so their data cannot be added to the collective and potentially taint it. Timmy then would have thanked the Tallests, saying that he's smart now, before they determined that he now knew too much and needed to be sent to the dungeon.


He is described as being sickeningly cute, and was fawned upon by the audience (including the Tallest) before being taken away to some kind of Irken dungeon. His current whereabouts in the dungeon are unknown.


  • His name is similar to that of Invader Tim, but they are not related.
  • "The Trial" was the only episode he was planned to be in, however, this episode was never aired, therefore he never made an official appearance. It is unknown who would have voiced him in the episode, but during the script reading panel at InvaderCon, he was voiced by Rikki Simons.