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Lizard Boy is one of the skoolchildren of Ms. Bitters' class.


His head is long and he has small eyes, curly hair, and wears a striped shirt.


Lizard Boy licking an empty glass cup.

Lizard Boy is unlike most skool students, due to his lizard-like behavior. In the episode "Parent Teacher Night", he was seen licking the inside of an empty glass cup. He has had very few speaking roles through the series, yet has appeared in almost every single Skool episode in the series. His tongue appears to be forked on some occasions, as shown in "Career Day", when he was in a crowd of Count Cocofang fans.

In "Career Day", he is paired with a masked serial killer as his Career Day partner. In his one brief speaking appearance in "Rise of the Zitboy", he was voiced by Jhonen Vasquez, though the credit is mistakenly given to Rosearik Rikki Simons.


  • (While hypnotized) "I'm in pain."