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Lord Voxelrot is an alias used by Gaz in Issue 5 of the Invader Zim comic series.


After Dib annoys Gaz by shutting off her online game to make her watch spy footage of Zim yelling at a cat, she asks their father for help finding an alternate dimension where gamers rule the world and non-gamers are enslaved, so that she can punish Dib. Membrane is hesitant at first, but agrees once Gaz tells him it's for science.

Gaz searches multiple universes before finding the one she's looking for. After eliminating her and Dib's counterparts and the gamer already running this world, Gaz takes over. She then has Dib abducted, while disguising herself in a mechsuit and adopting the name of "Lord Voxelrot". In this identity, Gaz has Dib trapped inside several games and tortured with painful losses, dropping hints of her true identity and motives, before finally getting bored and revealing herself.

From this point on, Gaz doesn't bother with the Voxelrot disguise, and after Dib eventually learns his lesson, she takes him home, apparently abandoning the gamer dimension.

Facts of Doom

  • It's unclear why Gaz gave her alternate persona a male title. This could be a hint to her tomboy personality.
  • As Voxelrot, Gaz's speech bubbles are in black, indicating a robotically-distorted voice.
  • Issue 14 references Gaz's use of this identity, as her online gamer handle is "VOX3LROT".
  • Voxelrot's armor features the same skull design as Gaz's original outfit from the show.