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Louie was a joke character from the commentaries who was suggested to replace Dib in "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy". He would have been voiced by Shaun Cassidy.[1] However, because of a combination of Cassidy demanding too much money for the role and Nickelodeon wouldn't allow Dib to die, Louie never got the chance to make his debut and instead became one of the many cancelled characters of the show.

The joke was that Zim would successfully kill Dib, and his replacement would also have a paranormal obsession. Other than the above information, little is known about Louie. So far, no character designs have been released. As a result of this lack of details, several fans have incorporated their own designs and characteristics for Louie.

There is a chance that Louie was named after storyboard supervisor Louie del Carmen, but this is not confirmed.

However, Eric Trueheart would later explain in his book that the suggestion of killing off Dib, and the existence of Louie, was entirely a joke Jhonen made up for the commentary. Trueheart says that "Jhonen at no point thought he would actually kill off one of the lead characters in the series. This should be obvious."

Notes and references

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