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Mac Meaties 1
Name MacMeaties
Located On Earth
First Appearance Germs

MacMeaties is a fast food restaurant featured in many episodes of the Invader Zim series. It's a parody of the McDonald's fast food chain and is where Zim went for his Career Day field trip after being assigned a life career of fast food preparation, only to have his temporary employment terminated by the shift captain when his molting went out of control. It's also where Mortos first went to power up, but getting something to eat to restore his life energy. 


Like the restaurant on which it is based, there are several MacMeaties locations throughout the city in which the series takes place: Two on Maple, one on Greenbush, and one on Haverford, first mentioned in the unfinished episode, "Return of Keef". It is unknown if there are global locations, however.

Space Meat[]

McMeaties Fast food

MacMeaties in Career Day.

The meat at MacMeaties was supposed to be based on the concept of "space meat". Meat that was developed by NASAPlace as a germ-hostile food to take on missions into deep space. They originally wanted to sell the said "space meat" at their restaurants, but lacking the money to get access to such high-end technology, they resorted to making their meat out of used napkins.

In the episode "Germs", Zim discovered that the meat served by the restaurant was completely germ-free, and wore it as clothing at the end of the episode to protect himself from germs.


  • MacSausies (TruthShrieker, Issue #0).
  • MacFishes.
  • Chicken MacLousies (parody of Chicken McNuggets).
  • Zesty Taco MacStuffins. 
  • Meat shakes 

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