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Homeworld Earth
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Voice Actor Antoinette Spolar

Mary is a student in Ms. Bitters class.


Mary is small, with a brown ponytail and a pink dress with a blue heart on the front.


Mary seems to be the embodiment of childlike innocence; she is perpetually naïve, and as happy as can be.

Role in Invader Zim

Frequently, her happy-go-lucky behavior is often used by Ms. Bitters as jumping-off points for her extremely dark lectures, which never fail to leave little Mary horror-stricken. For example, after Mary gleefully explained that she wanted to be a fairy princess for Halloween because she thought "unicorns and dwagons are pwetty," Bitters coldly claimed that she had once been a fairy princess too, but things "went horribly wrong" when she repeatedly flew into a bug-zapper. In another case Ms. Bitters was telling her that before "The Big Bang" there was nothing right where her head is, to Mary's horror.

In Issue 19 of the comic series, she's one of the Skoolchildren who attends Zim's zoo. Robodad makes her pet the Gorgus even though she clearly doesn't want to, which according to her mother's later complaint against Zim has deeply upset her.

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