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Meat Mountain
Meat Mountain.jpg
Name Meat Mountain
Located On Earth
Known Residents Skiers
First Appearance Issue 44

Meat Mountain is a meat-based ski resort that appears in Issue 44 of the Invader Zim comic series.


Originally a mountain of old ties left stacked just outside The City, it was eventually decided to cover the tires with tons of old frozen ground beef, turning it into a mountain of meat. This mountain was then converted to a ski resort, featuring all the usual setups of one, except with meat instead of snow.

The hill has four levels of skiers it can accommodate, each with a thematically appropriate meat-themed name: Baby Meatball being the lowest level, with the subsequent levels being Yellow Taco, Purple Empanada, and Sloppy Joe Summit, from lowest to highest. Once your level has been assigned you must pass a test to receive a sticker to allow you access to the next level up.

When Professor Membrane learns of the new resort, he decides to take his kids there for a family holiday. Once there, the Professor and Gaz quickly prove themselves to be highly skilled at skiing, while Dib is not, causing him to be restricted to the Baby Meatball hill, which is for very little children. And as he tries to improve his skiing so he can advance to the better hills, he discovers that Zim is also at the mountain enacting a new plan - using a waffle shack as a decoy, he's able to capture skiers, who he then wraps up in preparation for selling them to an alien retail store as stuffing for pillows.

Determined to stop Zim, Dib builds an exosuit that enables him to beat the skill requirements and advance to the next hill of the mountain. As Zim keeps staying ahead of him, Dib has to keep upgrading the suit so that he keep advancing past each hill, eventually catching up to Zim at the Sloppy Joe Summit at the top of the mountain, only to realize he doesn't actually have a plan now that he's gotten that far.

As Zim mocks him for this, Dib gets an idea and ditches his exosuit, allowing himself to fall down into the meat and trip up all the skiers behind him. This soon creates a big ball, which rolls into the waffle shack and destroys it, sending all the skiers trapped inside it flying. Afterwards, all the skiers line back up at the bottom of the mountain, much to Gaz's annoyance.


Facts of Doom

  • It's unclear if Zim is the one who created Meat Mountain for his plan, or if he just took advantage of it.