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Meekrob (species)

Meekrob (planet)


In their natural state, they vaguely resemble floating sets of lungs with tentacles



Notable Facts

Beings of pure energy


The Meekrob are an ethereal alien species native to the planet of the same name, which Invader Tenn was assigned to conquer as part of Operation Impending Doom II.

However, in the episode "Megadoomer", Tenn's base was destroyed because of a package of malfunctioning SIR Units that were delivered to her, which were originally supposed to go to Zim. The Tallest didn't seem to care at all when Tenn called them for help, and simply allowed her base to get obliterated, thus ruining her mission.

The Meekrob are mysterious, ethereal, highly intelligent beings of pure energy, which would presumably make it extremely difficult for Tenn and her SIR Unit to create convincing disguises.

Disguised as flying shoes.

The Meekrob are the sworn enemies of the Irken Empire. They are highly intelligent and can change their form at will. In their natural state, they look vaguely like floating sets of lungs with tentacles. 

The Meekrob are mentioned in "Megadoomer", and make their only appearance in "Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom", although they only appear in this episode as an illusion created by Zim to find out if he threw a muffin at him. 

Facts of Doom

  • The species' name is a reference to the Thai dish Mi Krop, which translates literally to "crispy noodles" or "fried noodles".
  • Meekrob, along with Larb, Invader Lardnar, and Vortian Captain Lard Nar, were also named after Thai dishes.
  • Rather than being credited as the Meekrob in the closing credits of "Dib's Wonderful Life of Doom", they instead were dubbed "Alien Shoes", and were voiced by Greg Ellis.
  • The Meekrob speak with a distinct sophisticated-sounding British accent, similar to Lard Nar.