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Dib tricks The Monkey

Monkeys are a species of hairy primates that are native to Earth.

They are a recurring gag in Invader Zim, appearing or being mentioned in more episodes than anything else (see list of appearances below).

A vast range of products and objects bear the image of monkeys, but real monkeys have also been seen.

Two of the most notable members of this species are the Scary Monkey (who has his own show), and the monkey that Zim and GIR released on the captive Dib in "Future Dib".

Monkey painting in Zim's base

List of Appearances/Mentions

  • A picture of a green monkey was seen on Conventia, and also hangs in the living room portion of Zim's Base.
  • There is a popular type of drink known as a Suck Munkey, which comes in a cup shaped like a monkey's head. This has appeared in numerous episodes.
  • In "Bloaty's Pizza Hog", GIR had a small stuffed monkey in his possession.
  • In "Battle of the Planets", Agent Darkbootie tells Dib that the rockets being used to send him to Mercury used to be used to shoot monkeys into space.
  • In "Future Dib", Dib faced down an angry monkey.
  • An identical monkey was seen picking lice off of Rob's head in "Lice".

    A monkey picks and eats the lice on Rob's scalp.

  • In "Rise of the Zitboy", GIR gleefully exclaimed, "I'm dancin' like a monkey!"
  • The aforementioned Scary Monkey Show is GIR's favourite show, and he watches it regularly.
  • In "Gaz, Taster of Pork", Zim stated his plan to fill GIR's head with explosive monkeys.
  • In the cancelled episode "The Trial", Zim got GIR to fire an orbital laser by telling him that its button was a monkey.
  • In Issue 17, during one of Dib's stories, he wins a monkey plush that looks similar to the monkey picture in Zim's house in an arcade game and gives it to a newborn baby.
  • In Issue 18, one of GIR's failed attempts at making burritos sees him bake a Howler monkey into one. Zim is less upset at this than he is confused as to where GIR found the monkey.
  • In Issue 32, Gaz is shown playing with a helmet which makes Dib look like he has a full monkey for a head, stating that it makes him easier to listen to. At the end of the issue, she gives it to President Man, on the grounds that it will make watching Zim and Dib's endless sit-up competition funnier to watch.
  • In Issue 45 there was a Monkey in Zim's lab contained within a glass box.