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20px-Cquote1.png No! I'm going to be on TV forever!
— Moofy when Zim yells at her to get off his lawn.

Character Moofy.png
Homeworld Earth
Rank Girly Ranger
Gender Female
Equipment Chocolate Ninja Star Cookies
Hair Color Strawberry-Blond
Eye Color Pale Red
Affiliation(s) Earth
Girly Rangers

Moofy is a Girly Ranger that goes around asking, and often even forcing, people to buy chocolate ninja star cookies. This seems to be the normality amongst Girly Rangers. She is voiced by Eliza Schneider.

Moofy makes her first appearance in the episode "The Girl Who Cried Gnome", in which she gets stuck in Zim's front yard and attracts a large crowd.

She intended to stay there forever because she liked the attention she was getting from the media. She is ultimately yanked from her perch by a frustrated Zim and is carted away in an ambulance.


Moofy is a small, young girl with strawberry-blonde hair tied into pigtails. She also has large glimmering orange eyes.

Moofy close up.

She wears a reddish orange-themed Girly Rangers uniform, with an ample pair of maroon boots and a white and dark orange girly rangers helmet with the standard "G" printed on it.

She also rather mysteriously only has three fingers in each hand, the only other human to have this abnormality is Keef.


Moofy enjoys the attention from the media.

Moofy appears to be emotionally unstable, but this is due to her being a very spoiled young girl; she goes to extreme measures to get people to buy her cookies, and doesn't take "no" for an answer.

Her screams of despair were so loud that they could be heard by the Almighty Tallest, and the frequency of them even blew up a few ships in the Irken Armada. She also likes attention, as she refused to leave Zim's lawn because of the large amount of attention she was getting from the media.

Role in Invader Zim

Moofy's first and only major role was in "The Girl Who Cried Gnome", where she gets trapped in a hole Zim's Robot Gopher created and ended up attracting a crowd of thousands to Zim's doorstep.

People try to help her out, however she resists because she likes the attention from the media and wants to be on TV forever. Moofy also ended up providing Zim with a chance for the destruction of humanity.

By tricking President Man and the media, he proposes to shake the entire Earth using his technology, to jar the Girly Ranger out of the ground. His plan was foiled by Dib interfering in such a way that Zim's base would have been exposed, and Zim had no choice but to free her from his front lawn in order to keep his cover.

Moofy makes a cameo appearance in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus on a box of Girly Ranger cookies in the Membrane's garage as one of Dib's mementos from his battles with Zim.


Facts of Doom

Moofy's helmet pops-off mid-second.

  • Whenever Moofy gets excited, her helmet pops off her head for a second.
  • When she loses it when one of Zim's neighbors doesn't want her cookies, it is implied she forcefully shoved cookies into his mouth off-screen before he was shown overstuffed with cookies.
  • She doesn't get upset about her foot stuck anymore when she started getting attention from the media, to the point she doesn't want to be rescued by the Rescue Troopers.
  • She strangely got merchandise based off of her when the media started getting bigger throughout the episode.
  • Like Zita and Gretchen, she has gained some popularity among the fandom.
  • She and the other Girly Rangers look very similar to The Powerpuff Girls. For example, Moofy's color scheme and hair color are similar that of Blossom's.