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Mr. Elliot
Name Mr. Elliot
Species Human
First Appearance The Nightmare Begins
Voice Actor(s) S. Scott Bullock

Mr. Elliot is Gaz's Skool teacher, and is known for being perpetually happy, similar to Mr. Simmons in Hey Arnold!. He was seen explaining this endlessly optimistic disposition to his class in "Gaz, Taster of Pork".

Mr. Elliot is voiced by S. Scott Bullock, who also voices Dash Baxter on Danny Phantom (which was also cancelled). He is one of the more positive, sweet, loving characters in the series, next to Keef and Mr. Dwicky, as well as possibly one of the most sane characters in the series.

He was seen with Spoo in "Parent Teacher Night", implying that they're father and son. In the same episode, he claimed that his own father was like Membrane (presumably meaning that he was never around, not because he was a brilliant scientist), and he was also one of Ms. Bitters' former students. In spite of all this, he maintains a positive outlook on life and is a very kind person.

He was going to have a major role in the episode "Simon Says Doom", but since the episode was never finished, he has only made cameo appearances. In said episode's closing scene it's revealed that while Mr. Elliot is very sweet and may initially seem like a pushover, he can get firm from time to time (but not too harsh; his command for Dib to take care of the mess is delivered in a very paternal tone).

In one episode, he moonlights as an actor in TV commercials, suggesting he doesn't make enough money as a teacher.