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Ms. Bitters and Zita.

Often going unnoticed, the relationship between Zita and her teacher, Ms. Bitters, is one of the friendlier ones within the Skool, and in the show in general.

Zita is a minor character, but she often interacts with Ms. Bitters in various episodes and can be described as the "teacher's pet". The two both show respect for one another, a positive behavior which Ms. Bitters makes a firm policy of never showing anyone else.




  1. Zita occasionally interacts with Ms. Bitters and shows a fair amount of respect for her.

The two get along very well, (due to their shared annoyance of Dib) but Ms. Bitters seems to like Zita more than Zita likes her. Zita sometimes asks Ms. Bitters questions and is politely answered, unlike all the other Skoolchildren.

Ms. Bitters


Ms. Bitters wakes up thanks to Zita.

Ms. Bitters shows favoritism towards Zita among other Skoolchildren. One example of this is in "Lice", where Ms. Bitters gave her her an A for calling Dib "crazy".

Another example was in "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom", when Zita gets away with using her last crazy card on Dib. Ms. Bitters probably would have never let any other Skoolchildren get away with this. (However, it was October 31st, and they would get 3 more crazy cards the next day.)

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