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Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery is a reality program that is intended to investigate the many rumors of supernatural sightings and occurrences that happen on Earth, such as Bigfoot, UFOs, ghosts, etc. The subject for each episode is selected from viewer submissions.

However, recent submissions as of late have turned to absurd subjects such as unusually fat babies and Pigfoot. As a result, the show's writers have become desperate for ratings. It is hosted by the unnamed host.

History with Dib

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A young aspiring paranormal investigator named Dib happens to be a huge fan of the show. The writers have received numerous entries sent in by him over the years, to the point where they have an entire storage closet filled with stacks of his submissions.

He has even appeared on the show twice. The first encounter apparently left the host with a scar on his left cheek, and the very mention of Dib seems to trigger flashbacks of the traumatic experience. The second encounter was covered in the episode "Mysterious Mysteries".

Known Episode Subjects


Facts of Doom

Mysterious Mysteries in The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

  • Coincidentally, another similar show called Mysterious Mysteries made an appearance in the The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius episode "The Evil Beneath". It was shown in a more serious manner than shown in Invader Zim. Also, the name is shortened to just Mysterious Mysteries. It seems to be a completely different show, being more serious, logo being different, etc.
  • Mysterious Mysteries is a parody of the Robert Stack series Unsolved Mysteries, which also bases itself on paranormal activity. However, Unsolved Mysteries goes on a wider area of mysteries, such as scientific oddities, unexplained deaths, etc.
  • It's apparent that Dib appears frequently on the show, as they mentioned him in an episode about Spelldrives.
  • They have an entire room full of articles Dib sent them over the years.
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  • The anchorman somehow acquired a scar the last time Dib was on the show. How it happened isn't known yet.
  • This is the only show in the series that Gaz, Zim, and GIR has appeared in.
  • The show's producer first appears in the episode "Mysterious Mysteries". She appears to be a large woman, but according to concept art drawn by Aaron Alexovich, she is actually quite small and is inside a large suit. She doesn't care what kind of content is in the show, as long as it gets good ratings.
  • In the 2014 video Los Fantasmas of the channel HolaSoyGerman, the channel's protagonist Germán Garmendia, showed a fictional TV show named Mysteries Mysteriously Mysterious. Whever this was a reference to Invader Zim's Mysterious Mysteries of Strange Mystery or not is unknown, but it should be noted that the show's name was too similar in terms.


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