Irken Crew member

A Navigator in standard uniform.

The Irken Navigators are a group of skilled pilots who hold responsibility for all functions aboard not only Irken vessels, but Mechs as well. This includes taking charge of communications and repairs, as seen in several episodes as multiple navigators are often needed to fly larger ships like the Massive. They always inform the Tallest of incoming transmission from the Irken Invaders and Zim on their assigned planets. They were also seen repairing the Massive in "Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars" after Tallest Red took back control from Zim.

They are relatively tall, suggesting that they hold a higher rank than most in Irken Society, though certainly not as high as the Almighty Tallest. If this is true, then the job is a prestigious one to have.

Navigators are seen with several eye colors, mainly red and green; in fact, they are among the few Irkens shown with green eyes. All pilots are shown wearing a uniform with a very high collar going over the mouth and what appears like earphones.

Appearances in Invader Zim

About to Crash in a Star (Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars)

The Tallest and Navigators panicking from without any control heading towards the sun.

They first appeared in the "The Nightmare Begins", on board the Frontline BattleMech that Zim was using to wreak havoc... unwittingly on his own planet, as one of the Navigators tried and failed to point out.

For the rest of the show, they are usually always seen operating and driving the Massive from inside its bridge.

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