ChairZim using the Neurothing.

Name Neurothing
Type Irken Technology
First Appearance Issue 25
Users Commander Poki

The Neurothing is an Irken device first introduced in Issue 25 of the Invader Zim comic series. It is a pen-sized device which emits a signal capable of overriding an Irken PAK and forcing it to detach from its host.

This is first shown in a flashback when Commander Poki uses it on one of the soldiers under her command in order to demonstrate how much they rely on their PAKs.

Years later, Fitzoo-Menga comes to planet Dooq, where Poki's mission failed due to Zim's actions, in order to retrieve the neurothing. He then uses it to remove Zim's PAK, so that he can replace it with his own and take over Zim's body and his life. While this is successful, Zim's PAK attaches itself to Fitzoo-Menga's hover chair and transfers Zim's mind into it.

Controlling the chair, Zim fights Fitzoo-Menga before finally using the neurothing himself in order to remove Fitzoo-Menga's PAK and restoring his own to his body.

Ass Zim is leaving Dooq, GIR is shown disposing of the neurothing by eating it.

Facts of Doom

  • The neurothing's removal of PAKs appears to cause Irkens to lose consciousness right away, as opposed to normal removal, which takes ten minutes to take effect, as shown in "Ten Minutes to Doom".
  • It's unknown how common neurothings are.
  • It's unknown what the full reasoning behind the Irkens creating the neurothing is, other than a demonstration by commanders to would-be Invaders, since it has been proven that potential enemies such as Fitzoo-Menga could use it against them.
  • The neurothing bears a resemblance to the sonic screwdriver device from the British TV series Doctor Who.
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