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Information in this article is about real-life people, companies and objects, and might not relate inside the Invader Zim universe.

The current Nicktoons logo

Nicktoons, previously titled Nicktoons Network, is a cable channel that has been airing repeats of Invader Zim episodes since its launch. It is the sister channel of Nickelodeon.


Nicktoons was launched on May 1, 2002 as Nicktoons TV, Their first (rare) TV Launch Broadcast can be found here. At first only available on digital cable until early 2003, when it began its broadcast on satellite television as well. In February 2005, Nickelodeon announced that the channel would become ad-supported this fall.

The logo for Nicktoons Network

In 2003, the channel was renamed Nicktoons. Also, the renaming made the channel focusing on just Nicktoons and non-Nicktoons programming with shorts in between programs. In addition, bumpers featured real-life and or 3D clips with images of Nicktoons characters and or the 2004-2005 network logo in 3D or 2D.

NickToons re-launched itself on September 23, 2005 as Nicktoons Network introducing a brand new logo of a globe with the familiar Nickelodeon "Splat" that had been a Nick trademark since that network re-launched in 1984 and adapted a Hollywood-esque theme and a new campaign slogan of "Animation Capital of the World. On February 25, 2006, Nicktoons Network introduced their first original series, Kappa Mikey, which lasted for 52 episodes.

They later expanded their original series lineup in 2008 with Making Fiends, which only lasted for 6 episodes, and will be expanding it again in 2012 with Monsuno, after both have stopped airing new episodes, and none remained on the channel.

In 2007, Nicktoons Network changed its website again, this time the website has a monster-themed webpage filled with Nicktoons Network commercials and advertisements. On 28 September 2009, Nicktoons Network didn't only get a new logo, but it was also renamed Nicktoons.