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Nik and Oog-Ah.

Nik and Oog-Ah are a pair of Planet Jackers. They travel the universe in search of inhabitable worlds to jack and throw into their dying star to keep it from dying out.

They appear only in the episode that shares their species name, in which they jack Earth.



Omg-Ah is the bulkier of the two and possibly also the one in command, as he ordered Nik to "be quiet" or he was going to eat his head. This implies that he is short-tempered, which was also seen as he lost patience with Zim's attempts to save the Earth several times.

He is also a decent fighter, as he was able to beat Zim quite easily.



Nik is scrawny and quite talkative, as he's shown wanting to engage in a conversation in a possible attempt to get rid of some boredom.

Despite the fact that he is easy going he also takes his job quite seriously, as he wasn't about to let the Earth be freed simply because Zim requested it when the planet was not marked for conquest.

Facts of Doom

  • According to the IZ-E-Cards, Oog-Ah has a secret love for ballet and he also wanted to be an Architect as a child but switched careers to Planet Jacker after the great Architect Purge.
  • Nik has cybernetic enhancement like the Irkens, hinting that the two species may share technology as part of the Irken-Planet Jacker Treaty.
  • Nik may have been named after Nickelodeon, minus the "c".
  • Nik and Oog-Ah are based on the characters Carl Showalter and Gaear Grimsrud from the film Fargo.
  • According to the IZ E-Cards, the suits they wear not only supply breathable air on any planet they visit, but are also full of gravy to keep the hunger at bay.
  • If Oog-Ah's threat of eating Nik's head should be taken seriously then this would make the Planet Jackers a cannibalistic species.