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Help... meee....

The Old Skool Counselor previously worked in the Skool before Mr. Dwicky took the job. When Dib asked what happened to him, the only answer he got from Mr. Dwicky was "Something... horrible!" before he started shaking and cowering while biting his fingernails, looking up at the vents as the old counselor begged with a hoarse voice for help from his presumed suffering.

As Dib complained that nobody believes him about Zim being an alien, the old counselor watches them while breathing slowly, presumably because he suffers from claustrophobia.

Facts of Doom

  • As implied in "Vindicated!", Dib probably went to his office several times as a result of his temper tantrums about Zim.
  • Since he is trapped in the skool's vents, it's interpreted that he has been kidnapped by the skool staff for unknown reasons or perhaps even more disturbing that Mr. Dwicky captured him so he could get his job.
  • Since he was never seen, it's unknown what he looks like or even if he's still alive for that matter.
  • Although uncredited, the voice and breathing of the Old Skool Counselor is provided by Jhonen Vasquez.
  • The breathing may be a reference to Darth Vader as both he and the counselor are trapped with limited mobility.
  • The scene featuring the Old Skool Counselor's fate was voted the absolute most disturbing scene from Invader Zim.