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Operation Doom DVD Cover Art.

Operation Doom is a DVD that came out February 22, 2011, featuring 13 of the top-rated episodes of Invader Zim on one disc. It is supported by "Operation Head Pigeons 2.0", a Facebook-centered Invader ZIM revival movement. The DVD was released within a few months after the Operation's holiday greeting card mailing campaign.

The DVD is available for order on Hot Topic's website. It is also available at Amazon. After reaching #1 in sales in the Nickelodeon section of Amazon, Operation Doom hit #35 in the ranking of all DVD's, just above the then-latest release of Doctor Who. Other stores selling the DVD are Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Operation Doom is $16.99.

Nickelodeon has yet to make any statements regarding the surge of fan interest. Later in 2011, Operation Doom began selling at Barnes and Noble.

The episodes on the DVD are:

Facts of Doom

  • "The Voting of the Doomed" is misspelt on the episode list on the back cover; instead, it reads "The Voting of the Doom" . However, in the episode selection menu, it is spelled correctly.
  • The episodes are not in the correct order. For example, "The Nightmare Begins" is the fourth episode on the list.
  • The opening credit sequences was cut out in "The Nightmare Begins".
  • Before the Main Menu loads, the DVD plays the new Nickelodeon logo, and commercials for Spongebob Squarepants, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Avatar the Last Airbender DVDs.
  • Dib, pizza, Zim's lawn gnomes, GIR riding on a pig, Madness, an "I heart Earth" flag, and tacos are surrounding Zim with his hands over Earth on the front of the DVD case.
  • The front cover of the DVD mirrors a similar shot from the opening scene of the pilot episode, which depicts Zim behind the Earth with his hands over it. It also mirrors this piece of artwork.
  • The DVD was released just over a month before the tenth anniversary of "The Nightmare Begins".

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