Operation Impending Doom, (sometimes called Operation Impending Doom I) was the first plan for universal Irken conquest, devised by Tallest Red and Purple (or even possibly the Control Brains). However, the plan was quickly abandoned, as Zim, newly appointed as an Invader, began destroying Irk in an enormous robotic assault walker.

He was unaware that he wasn't destroying his "assigned" planet, but his homeworld (despite the fact that Irkens working the mech repeatedly tried to tell him) instead. Operation Impending Doom was first mentioned in "The Nightmare Begins", and if the episode had been longer, it would have shown the robot shooting lasers while break-dancing. It is said that all the previous Irken Invaders were killed by Zim during this rampage.

Because of Zim's delusional rampage, he was exiled to planet Foodcourtia. After some time of preparation, the Tallest invited the Irken Invaders to Conventia to discuss and be assigned for Operation Impending Doom II.

Steps of the Invasion

  • The best Irken Elite members are made Invaders by the Control Brains.
  • The new Invaders are assigned missions in the Great Assigning.
  • The Invaders are assigned robots (SIR Units).
  • All Invaders depart for their assigned planet.
  • The Invaders gather knowledge of the planet and disguise themselves to blend in with the dominant species inhabiting their assigned planets.
  • The Invaders weaken the planet.
  • The Armada arrives, and destroys the planet, while the Invader launches a ceremonial cannon sweep that wipes out the remaining creatures or use the inhabitants as slaves.
  • The planet is added to the Tallests' collection of planets, and is terraformed to serve a single purpose (parking structure planet, food court, mail delivery planet, etc.)
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