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Created by: Jhonen Vasquez

Developed by: Jhonen Vasquez

Produced and Directed by: Jordan Renwick

Executive Producers: Mary Harrington & Jhonen Vasquez

Story by: Jhonen Vasquez

Written by: Jhonen Vasquez & Robert Hummell

Co-Writers: Eva Elmos & Ed Scharlach

Main Title Theme: Michael Tavera

Music by: Jhonen Vasquez, Michael Tavera and Mark Tortorici


Zim....Billy West

Dib.... Andy Berman

Gaz.... Melissa Fahn

GIR.... Rosearik Rikki Simons

Ms. Bitters.... Lucille Bliss

Melvin.... Hope Levy

Zim's Computer.... Danica Ivancevik

Title Narrator.... John Garry

Storyboard by: Jordan Renwick & Jhonen Vasquez

Main Character Design: Jhonen Vasquez

Background Design: Jordan Renwick & Jhonen Vasquez

Prop Design: Craig Wilson & Jhonen Vasquez

Background Clean-Up: Frank Guthrie

Main Title: Jhonen Vasquez

Main Title Color Styling: Rosearik Rikki Simons

Main Title Compositing: Eric Mahady

Background & Character Color Styling: Andrew Brandou & Jhonen Vasquez

Color Scanning & Printing: Meg Hanna & David Wigfross

Voice Casting: Terry Berland

Animation Timing: Ron Zorman

Checkers: Glenn & Younghee Higa

Animatic Coordinators: Brian Arnold, Jon Delaurie, Damon P. Yochie and Paul Finn

Track Reading: Sprockets Editing

Overseas Supervisor: Jordan Renwick

Overseas Production: Sunwoo Animation, CO. Inc.

Animation Director: Eric Stough

Layout: Jordan Renwick, Kyoung SuLee and Myoung HoonOh

Background Supervisor: Young Hwanhan

Digital Supervisor: San Gwookpark

Post Production Director: Heather Adams

Post Production Supervisor: Wendi McNeese

Supervising Editor: Christopher Hink

Production Audio Supervisor: Tony Osnen

Post Production Assistant: Michelle Smith

Sound Supervised & Mixed by: Tommy J. Rodriguez

Supervising Sound FX Editors: Eric Freeman & Tom Syslo

Recording Mixer: Brad Brock

Sound Editors: Eric Freeman & Jason Freedman

Re-Recording Mixers: Timothy J. Borquez & Timothy J. Garrity

Live Dialogue & Foley Mixer: Brad Brock

Foley Artist: Diane Greco

Post Production Sound Services Provided by: Horta Editorial & Sound, Inc.

Additional Recording Engineer: Krandel Crews

Second Engineer: Jim Leber

Assistant Engineer: Justin Brinsfeld

Online Editors: Dan Aligura & Kip Gibson

Da Vinci Colorist: Dexter P.

Post Production Services: Hollywood Digital & Encore Video

Line Producer: Michael Lessa

Production Manager: Jeff Wolfe

Production Assistants: Anna Henry & Dina Buteyn

Production Executive: Evan Baily

Executive in charge of Production: Brian Miller

Special Thinks: Tracey Kramer & Roman Durige

In Association With: Wumberlog Productions

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