Peepi (pronounced "pee pee") is a hamster who appeared in
"Hamstergeddon". Peepi was previously a class pet in Ms. Bitters's classroom at Skool. Everyone, including the Earth military, found him to be disarmingly cute.

Zim, seeing an opportunity to exploit this weakness in humans, attached a "huge, throbbing alien device" on Peepi's back, which caused him to grow exponentially in size whenever he ate something.
Dubbed "Ultra-Peepi" by the media, the giant hamster went on a destructive rampage, just as Zim had planned. However, when Zim discovered that he was unable to control "Ultra Peepi," he was forced to team up with Dib to defeat the altered hamster. Using a giant Deelishus Weenie sign, Zim lured Peepi to a rocket-laden Ferris wheel, intending to launch the ride, and Peepi, into space once the hamster got hold of it. However, the Earth military interfered by shooting at the hamster-beast, but to no avail. Zim was forced to lash rockets directly to Peepi via cables, which launched the giant hamster into space. It is unknown whether Peepi is currently alive or not, but given the mushroom cloud he generated when he crashed into Earth, it seems unlikely.

Facts of Doom

  • At the end of "Hamstergeddon", you see Peepi crash down from the s
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    Ultra Peepi

    ky. The next scene shows him and a few FBI agents saying no animated animals got hurt during the making of the episode. This is a spoof of the disclaimer that shows up at the beginning of many films, shows and documentaries that feature live animals.
  • Ultra Peepi is a parody of many "kaiju" creatures in Japanese monster movies, such as Godzilla and Gamera.
  • Peepi has a song named after him in Kevin Manthei's Zimphony titled "Ultra Peepi Showdown".
  • There are several changes in his appearance when he goes from normal Peepi to Ultra-Peepi:
    • His eyes get smaller compared to the rest of his body.
    • His ears appear more human when he becomes Ultra-Peepi.
    • His teeth become longer compared to the rest of his body.
    • He grows spikes on his back.
    • His left hind leg is inexplicably replaced with an extendable, mechanical one.