Pizza is a flat, bread-based type of food found on Earth.


The base of the pizza is a round disk of flattened, cooked bread dough; numerous things are piled atop it; tomato sauce and cheese are almost universally common, but several other types of toppings can be added. Pizza was invented in Italy many centuries ago.


GIR eating a pizza.

Role in Invader Zim

Pizza is Gaz's favorite food, and is the main food product sold at Bloaty's Pizza Hog. In fact, pizza was the main focus of the episode of the same name. GIR likes pizza too, while Zim seems to detest it, or at least the smell of some of the cheeses used to make it.

Several Irkens are seen eating what appear to be Irken pizzas in "Hobo 13". It is unknown how they compare to the Earth-made variety.