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Poop Dawg.

Poop Dawg is a metafictional character who made his first and only appearance as the representative/mascot of Poop Cola in "Door to Door". His name parodies the real-life rapper Snoop Dogg and is also an homage to the Pepsi mascot Pepsiman. He is never seen without his costume on.


Poop Dawg was seen in "Door to Door" as a person in a dog costume, encouraging kids to fundraise in the hope of winning a non-existent "mystery prize", which caught Zim's interest. Later in the episode, he appeared as a "Gangsta Spectre o' D'feat" to try and discourage Zim, who was suffering heat-induced hallucinations as a result of his fruitless attempts to win the mystery prize. Here, Poop Dawg appeared to be clad in a Grim Reaper-esque cloak, and surrounded by mist. Poop Dawg's hallucinatory "spectre of d'feat" persona appeared later in the episode, looking into the window when Zim first used his hologram device to successfully get people to buy candy. At the end of the episode, he was seen again mocking and insulting Zim, following the revelation that there was no mystery prize at all.

Poop Dawg returns in Issue 29 of the comic series, in a TV commercial advertising the limited time Darkpoop flavor Poop Cola. In the following issue, he's abducted by Nightnubs to be used in a ritual to summon the monstrous Poopthulhu; whether he's a sacrifice or is actually transformed into Poopthulhu is unclear, as the actual summoning isn't shown.

Poop Dawg later appears in the final issue of the series as part of the montage of people being caught up in the time loop.

Facts of Doom

  • Poop Dawg is based around Pepsiman. Pepsiman was Pepsi's mascot in Japan in the 90s; appearing in several commercials, is playable in the Japanese Sega Saturn version of Fighting Vipers, and has his own PlayStation game, and his mission in life is to make sure that people are enjoying Pepsi products.
  • According to Jhonen Vasquez, the man who dressed as Poop Dawg hates his life (and his job) and is forced to play the character against his will. He even went as far as to say that the film crew is holding his family hostage and the only way they'll be set free is if he abides to their terms.
  • Recap Kid wears a Poop Dawg hat in Issue 1 of the Invader Zim comic series.
  • Poop Dawg is voiced by Phil LaMarr, who also voiced Wilt in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends (2004-2009), Kotal Kahn in Mortal Kombat X and Mortal Kombat 11, and the titular character in Samurai Jack.
  • Poop Dawg's cloak is used as a reference in later episodes. The same effect is used on Professor Membrane's lab coat in "Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom", and on the Shadowhog in "Gaz, Taster of Pork".
  • Poop Dawg is also the darker equivalent of Goofy Goof from Disney franchise.
  • He is a parody of various corporate mascots who use hip-hop for marketing purposes.