Pustulio close up.png
Name Pustulio
Use(s) Hypnotization
First Appearance Rise of the Zitboy
Users Zim

Pustulio was the name that Zim gave his greasy pimple in the episode "Rise of the Zitboy", which was its only appearance. Pustulio had hypnotic powers that took effect when someone looked directly at it.

It is unknown if Zim is the first Irken to discover the power of the pimple (even if this is an unusual case) or if it happens to all Irkens when coming in contact with certain food that don't have Irken ingredients.


Pustulio was an over-sized pimple with a green tint, due to Zim's skin color, and filled with a large amount of pus, much like a water balloon, that sloshed around when moved, leading Pustulio to bounce up and down.

GIR drew a face on it, giving Pustulio hypnotic powers. Zim disguised it as his relative using a small purple tuxedo with a maroon tie and a undershirt with a lighter shade of purple.

Role in Invader Zim

During the episode "Rise of the Zitboy", Pustulio came about when GIR ordered a particularly greasy pizza; the contact with the oil caused the zit to appear almost immediately, presumably because of Zim's extreme sensitivity to Earth substances. Acne Blast, a cream made to remove the zit, made the pimple grow larger and filled it with pus, hence the "pus" in "Pustulio".

After a face was drawn on the pimple, GIR looked into the drawn-on eyes and quickly became hypnotized, which was how Zim learned of its pimply powers. To make it pass as a human being, Zim attached a small body to the zit's underside, and thus Pustulio was born.

Zim quickly began using the pimple's power on the Skoolchildren, gathering a small army of prepubescents as he proudly paraded through the schoolyard; everyone who saw it followed behind, hypnotized, with Gaz being the only one not to fall under the control of Zim (due to her refusal to look at Pustulio).

The zit eventually grew to an enormous size and exploded, covering the whole Skool ground in its pus. Dib was forced to clean it up.


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