Invader Zim Issue
Quarterly 2
Invader Zim Quarterly -2 - Dib's Dilemma
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Publisher: Oni Press
Publication date: September 16, 2020
Story by: Sam Logan
Art by: Warren Wucinich

Official Summary

Millionnaire Max Beesworth, owner of the local honey mine, is hosting a CRYPTID CHALLENGE. Anyone can present a cryptid, whose veracity will be judged by none other than... noted skeptic, Professor Membrane! And this time, Dib's finally caught ZIM and will prove to the world once and for all that's he's a real alien threat! Unless, of course, GIR gets covered in bees, and mistaken for the infamous Beeboogoat, an undead goat made of bees. But why would that happen?


Quarterly 2 is scheduled to be released on September 16, 2020.[1]


Quarterly #2 has a total of 3 cover variations:

  • Warren Wucinich standard retail cover.
  • Dave Crosland variant cover.
  • Williams variant cover.

Characters in Quarterly #2 (In Order of Appearance)

  • TBA


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