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20px-Cquote1.png The legendary Beeboogoat! Half goat, half bees, and half ghost... the Beeboogoat is my white whale!
Maxwell Beesworth

Invader Zim Issue
Quarterly 2
Invader Zim Quarterly -2 - Dib's Dilemma.png
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Publisher: Oni Press
Publication date: September 23, 2020
Story by: Sam Logan
Art by: Warren Wucinich
Color by: Fred C. Stresing

Official Summary

Millionnaire Max Beesworth, owner of the local honey mine, is hosting a CRYPTID CHALLENGE. Anyone can present a cryptid, whose veracity will be judged by none other than... noted skeptic, Professor Membrane! And this time, Dib's finally caught ZIM and will prove to the world once and for all that's he's a real alien threat! Unless, of course, GIR gets covered in bees, and mistaken for the infamous Beeboogoat, an undead goat made of bees. But why would that happen?


Quarterly 2 was released on September 23, 2020.[1]


Quarterly #2 has a total of 3 cover variations:

  • Warren Wucinich standard retail cover.
  • Dave Crosland variant cover.
  • Williams variant cover.

Characters in Quarterly #2 (In Order of Appearance)


SPOILER WARNING OF DOOM: This section or article may contain spoilers!

Maxwell Beesworth, the rich owner of the Beesworth honey mines, hosts his annual cryptid challenge. This contest, where people present supposedly paranormal creatures, is driven by Beesworth's obsession with the Beeboogoat, a legendary spectral goat/bee hybrid. As in previous contests, Professor Membrane is brought in to act as judge, with the agreement that if a true cryptid is presented, he'll donate a million dollar prize and let the winner act as a junior executive at Membrane Labs for a day, aided by a large exosuit.

Dib has tagged along to use the contest to expose Zim, who he's captured along with GIR. When he goes off to get the cue cards for his celebratory speech, Zim attempts to guide GIR into freeing him from the giant glass jar he's been trapped in. Instead, GIR somehow sends the jar flying out of a window of the building they're in, crashing onto the contest stage. In the process, GIR is covered in honey which causes dead bees and garbage to stick to him, making him look like a Beeboogoat. Membrane attempts to disprove this, but his genetic scanner accidentally picks up Zim's DNA instead of the bees, and is unable to identify it.

Beesworth uses this as proof that GIR is a Beeboogoat. Membrane desperately tries to deny this, but is heckled by the crowd, and Beesworth has him removed. Beesworth then leads the crowd in interviewing Zim (who quickly comes up with the alias of "Mike Audience") about the supposed Beeboogoat; Zim tries to flee the area but is trapped in Beesworth's lodge by the crowd. Beesworth tries to convince Zim to give him GIR, and lets him spend the night to think about it. Zim instead tries to use the time to escape the situation.

Membrane becomes a laughingstock due to his refusal to believe that the Beeboogoat is real. Gaz calls Dib after learning about the situation and demands that he do something to help their father, who's become depressed, before saying that she'll travel to join them. Dib convinces the Professor to try and prove that GIR is a fake, mostly because he's worried that Zim will use the prize position of junior executive to his advantage, and they go to break into the lodge.

Meanwhile, Zim and GIR are trying to find a way out of the lodge, but are intercepted by Beesworth. Membrane and Dib then show up and try to expose GIR as a fraud, with a desperate Beesworth activating his security measures in retaliation. In the chaos of Membrane fighting back, Zim escapes outside the lodge and takes control of the junior executive exosuit. Using his weapons, he attempts to destroy Dib and the others, only for Membrane to blow up the suit.

As Beesworth and the crowd get angry at Membrane for seemingly blowing up the Beeboogoat out of spite, Dib saves his father's reputation by presenting GIR in his dog costume and proving that he wasn't really a Beeboogoat. Then, before he can also expose Zim as an alien, Gaz arrives in a taxi and gets the crowd angry at Zim for apparently trying to trick them, leading to them chasing him away.

A despondent Beesworth returns to his mine, where it's revealed that he's actually a Beeboogoat disguised as a human, who was looking for another of his kind.

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Facts of Doom

  • As in the previous quarterly issue, Recap Kid does not appear, which appears to confirm that the character will no longer be used in the series.
  • This is the first issue to feature Professor Membrane with his new design introduced in Enter the Florpus.
  • Much like in Enter the Florpus, Dib's entire motivation in exposing Zim in this issue is to gain his father's approval.
  • In an ironic twist, Professor Membrane learned what it feels like to be in his son's shoes, as Dib has tried several times to get people to see through Zim's terrible disguises like Membrane tries to prove to everyone GIR wasn't a Beeboogoat but a "normal green dog".
  • Gaz once more (unintentionally) saved Zim's life by preventing Dib from exposing him as an alien but still had people chase him with the intention of beating him up, similar to what happened in the unmade episode "Ten Minutes to Doom".
  • The alias Zim used, "Mike Audience", is a pun on "My Audience" a possible reference to the Invader Zim fandom.
  • Zim once more used one of Professor Membrane's inventions.