Robot Gopher
Name Robot Gopher
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Offense
First Appearance The Girl Who Cried Gnome
Users Zim

The Robot Gopher is a creation used by Zim to intercept and presumably destroy oncoming trespassers.


The robot gopher is a mechanical gopher made to eliminate trespassers, designed to appear like a normal gopher, with the exception of the baldness of the left side of its head and bottom, revealing metal and a glowing red eye. The gopher has spindly, mechanical arms and legs. The gopher's fur is brown, and it has oversized buck teeth. Zim gets access to the Robot Gopher when he demands the Computer to "get him the Robot Gopher".

Gopher dance

The gopher after malfunctioning.

It was seen only once in the episode "The Girl Who Cried Gnome"; the gopher was used on Moofy. At first it worked, digging a tunnel under Moofy and trapping her. Right as it was about to move in for the kill, however, it malfunctioned, ending up dancing by swaying side-to-side while playing a song. It then proceeded to blast into a portal in the stratosphere. Zim comments that he "[doesn't] remember programming it to do that". It later returned to attack Dib, but it merely repeated the previous dance as Dib trembled in fear.

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