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Rock Planet

Rock Species





Notable Facts

The planet is only seen for a second in "Planet Jackers".


The Rock Planet is a large blue planet that Irken Invader Flobee was assigned to conquer. The only known creatures native to the planet are the Rock Species.

At first glance it can be assumed that the planet is devoid of any water, however, that doesn't seem to be the case as plants apparently exist on the planet as well, as the rock creatures were seen fanning Invader Flobee with large leaves, which resemble the palm fronds native to Earth.

The Rock Planet has a large asteroid belt around it, and is next to another planet that looks quite similar to it, albeit with what looks like snow on its surface.

Most of the objects on the planet, with the exception of the leaves, are made of rock, such as Invader Flobee's throne and the Rock Species themselves.

Thee fact that the Rock Species are shown serving Flobee suggests that he has successfully completed his mission and conquered the planet.