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Rock Species
Rock people.png
Name Rock Species
Species Unknown
First Appearance Planet Jackers
Voice Actor(s) None

The Rock Species are beings of pure rock that are native to an unnamed blue Rock Planet that Invader Flobee was assigned to conquer. The Rock Species' homeworld has an asteroid belt around it, and has a lot of craters.

The Rock Species are extremely bulky, and are quite stupid-looking. It can be assumed that they are indeed as slow-witted as their appearance suggests, as they were incapable of seeing through Invader Flobee's horrible disguise consisting of rocks strapped onto his body, let alone find it strange that there's Irken technology on their planet as his SIR Unit was undisguised.

Nevertheless, the Rock Species hailed Flobee as their king, and when Zim spied on the Invader through his telescope, Flobee was being fanned with large leaves by the rock creatures.

The Rock Species made their first and only appearance in the episode "Planet Jackers" and it is unknown if by now they are extinct or slaves to the Irken Empire since Flobee presumably finished his mission.