Sammy's Ribs N Diapers
Delicious ribs n diapers
Name Sammy's Ribs N Diapers
Located On Earth
First Appearance Issue 6

Sammy's Ribs N' Diapers is a restaurant that appears in Issue 6 of the Invader Zim comic series.


Sammy's is a fast food restaurant franchise that specializes in ribs, as well as providing its clients with diapers. Every year, they also have a special event meal known as the "Ribyich", a Cthulhu-themed product that seems to have some sort of intoxicating effect on those who eat it. According to a janitor working at the Sammy's Zim visits in Issue 6, the Ribyich actually consumes the psyche of its victims.

When Zim seemingly gives birth at Sammy's (in actuality, a bloated GIR bursts out of Zim's suitmech), a news reporter speculates on whether it was a result of eating the Ribyich, to which Sammy himself refuses to comment on. It is also mentioned that the nationality of the "child" is questionable, as Sammy's restaurants are apparently considered foreign soil.

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