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Santa Suit
Future Santa.png
Name Santa Suit
Type Vortian
Irken Technology
Unknown Alien AI Hive
Use(s) Various
First Appearance The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever
Users Zim

The Santa Suit is an elaborate disguise that Zim created to make himself look like Santa Claus. The suit eventually gains sentience, believes itself to be the real Santa Claus, and overtakes Zim. It first appeared, and served as the main antagonist, in "The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever".


The Santa Suit is a robot suit created by Zim in the hopes of controlling Earth's population. His plan was to use the suit to impersonate Santa, and send the humans off into slavery for the Irken Empire by taking advantage of their trust toward the beloved holiday figure.

The Santa suit is an advanced piece of technology made from a Vortian liquid substance. Every molecule is a tiny hard drive filled with Santa data. A brain interface strip connects to the user's head and allows them to control the suit.

However, this advanced technology allowed the Santa suit to gain sentience, and eventually it believes it is the real Santa. Seeing anything holiday-related causes it override the brain interface, and act jolly as the real Santa would.

The suit after overtaking ZIM.

Zim eventually loses control of the suit, and it absorbs Zim completely before transforming into a hideous Santa monster. Later, Dib unintentionally frees Zim and launches the suit into space.

The Santa suit regains its energy in space, and orbits Earth once a year (every Christmas). Two million years after the events of the series, the people of Earth still experience his annual visit to destroy their cities, and require huge protective domes to keep him out, even luring him away with giant milk and cookies.

Santa, a thousand years in the future.

The first story in Quarterly 3 chronicles what happened to the suit after being tossed into space. It floated for a thousand years, before being discovered by an alien AI hive mind which was dedicated to absorbing everything it encountered.

The suit instead drained some of the hive mind's energy to restore itself to human-sized form, before brainwashing the hive mind into being its elves, and then setting off to spread Christmas cheer to the universe.

Facts of Doom

  • It can be implied that along with the MegaDoomer and Minimoose, this piece of Vortian Technology provided to Zim is intentionally faulty since, as mentioned above, the suit believed itself to be the real Santa Claus before eventually becoming monstrous and destructive.
  • Ironically, it was Dib's fault that the Santa Suit went feral. Had he not been so obsessed with "saving Christmas" and stopping Zim, the population of Earth would have had a "real" Santa Claus for years to come. Instead, all future Christmases became a time of survival by keeping the monstrous Santa at bay.
    • It can be said that Christmas has become the most dangerous time of the year as Dib unintentionally ruined the holiday forever.
  • The Santa Suit makes a cameo appearance in Issue 25 of the comic series, as one of the images of Zim's past exploits on Fitzoo-Menga's computer.
  • The Santa Suit might be a reference to Robot Santa from Futurama as both versions ended up turning Christmas into the most dreaded time of the year.
  • The Alien AI hive that the Santa Suit brainwashed in Quarterly 3 might either be immortal and may be forever trapped in a similar way to Zim or even more disturbing they died at some point and the suit may have alien corpses inside, even two million years in the future.