Homeworld Irk
Assignment Remote Lunar Research Base 327
Rank Second in command
Gender Male
Eye Color Purple
Weapons PAK lasers
Equipment PAK
Affiliation(s) Irken Empire
First appearance Issue 28

Floog is second in command to Commander Theen, both of whom were assigned to Remote Lunar Research Base 327, and appear in Issue 28 of the comic series.


Floog was an Irken scientist who served as second in command of Commander Theen's research team. The group was dedicated to experimenting with the device known as the Time Accelerator (or as the Tallest call it, the Time Thingy).

However, they were attacked by the Scavenger Worms native to the moon their base was located on, which stole the Accelerator and dragged the team into their underground tunnels.

Theen was able to escape and report back to the Tallest, while Floog and the others survived as best they could, farming cave moss for food and shelter while waiting for help. However, due to being in the Accelerator's field of effect, this meant they experienced years while only days went by in the outside world.

Help eventually came in the form of Zim, whom the Tallest had sent to recover the Accelerator. Due to Zim's slight resemblance to Theen, and how long it had been for them since they'd last seen him.

Floog and the others mistook Zim for their long-lost Commander, allowing him to quickly take over the group and put them to work helping him carry out several plans to recover the Accelerator (while he stayed inside a field that neutralized the Accelerator's effects), all of which fail.

After decades for them (and just most of an afternoon for Zim), Floog and the others provide Zim with a Worm disguise for sneaking into the Worms' hive. However, by this point, they're all too old and infirm to use it, so Zim goes in by himself, successfully recovering the Accelerator. He then leaves, abandoning Floog and the others underground.

Facts of Doom

  • It is heavily implied that when Zim abandoned Floog and the other Irkens that they never left the underground shelters, as they were too elderly to escape and it's unlikely that the Tallest would bother to order a rescue.
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