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Slab Rankle
Slab Rankle.jpg
Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Affiliation(s) City Center Mall

Sergeant Slab Rankle made his first and only appearance in "FBI Warning of Doom". Rankle is a fanatically strict and determined Mall Security official; he is not quite psychologically stable, and takes his job way too seriously. He considers himself both the guardian and ruler of the City Center Mall, and will go to any lengths to protect it.

He keeps those who have broken the rules in an inescapable underground facility until they are eventually taken away to be turned into zombies. He has also installed countless lasers all over the City Center Mall and even resorts to releasing zombies to capture trespassers.

When Zim managed to get past Rankle's zombies to return a movie to the Video Outhouse, Slab expressed his admiration for the Irken's skill and tenacity. He offered Zim a place by his side as ruler of the Mall. However, Zim was uninterested in his offer and left.

It can be assumed Slab continues to guard the mall alone with his zombies.


Slab Rankle is never seen without his black, broad-shouldered security guard uniform, and - with his imposing physique, scarred face, and white buzz-cut - bears a strong resemblance to the general he considers himself to be in his ongoing war against lawbreakers.


Despite being nothing more than a security guard, Rankle considers himself to be the guardian of the Mall and knows no boundaries in his campaign to protect it from all manner of wrongdoing. His criteria for what is a punishable offense however is extremely low, including loitering, sleeping on the job, and even singing idly.

Moreover, his method of dealing with "lawbreakers" is nothing short of extreme: Regardless of the severity of their infraction, Rankle captures all of them and holds them indefinitely in an inescapable underground cell. Moreover, he has even gone so far as to kill various captives to create his own zombie army to help protect the Mall.

Facts of Doom

  • Slab Rankle is voiced by Canadian voice actor Robert Cait.
  • Despite Zim only wearing a pair of goggles when they meet, Slab Rankle couldn't tell that he's an alien, this is most likely due in part to Slab's questionable sanity. It is also possible that Slab did know, but just didn't care.
  • Slab managed to freak out Zim, who by all accounts would normally take any opportunity of getting power no matter how small.
  • Slab has a slight foil to Hobo 678 in terms of character design as well as for the fact that while they're both military men, Slab seems to be mentally unstable and seems to respect Zim, while Hobo 678 is mentally fit and has voiced his contempt for Zim.